“Zombie” Ventures

“Elements” – “Zombie” Ventures: Most new technology ventures end up in the graveyard, though their passing is not always immediately apparent. These “zombie” ventures are the walking dead companies that persist only through a website.
Why do many new technology companies become zombie ventures? More ventures fail because of management than the technology itself. While the mistakes of new technology start-ups are typical, some of the smartest entrepreneurs continue to make them. The two biggest mistakes made are a lack of focus by management and an ill-defined market for the product and/or technology.
Early critical path basics are the business model, strategic planning, project road-map design, and financial options. Often there are several options (size, location, product, etc.) for the first plant. These are just a few of the considerations that require an experienced management team to prevent a venture from becoming another zombie .
Investors often examine management experience and not merely the technology itself. Management not only designs the business plan to attract investors in the first place, it is a critical component of the appraisal of the venture by investors .
Start-ups are commonly cash poor but are in no less need for a strong management team. One option for them is to get help on a part-time and flexible basis. Start-ups don’t need full-time executive management experience although the need grows with time. Work with someone who can grow with your needs.