What Everybody Ought to Know about Bioenergy Projects

PRINCE GEORGE – September 6, 2010 – Sixth Element Sustainable Management, an executive consulting firm for bioenergy and other resource energy source (RES) projects, today announced that it was launching a newsletter, Elements, designed for bioenergy project developers and investors.  The inaugural issue is Biomass Verwertung I:  Searching for Economic Reality.  Future issues in preparation will include:

Biomass Verwertung II:  Biomass Options

Biomass Verwertung III:  Technology Options

Project Financing 101

What is Biochar?

Biochar & Carbon Sequestration

“We are pleased to offer Elements as an information resource on climate change, bioenergy and RES projects in general”, said Gerald Kutney, Ph.D., Managing Director of Sixth Element Sustainable Management.  “Elements will be of interest to anyone concerned with climate change and improving our environment.  We encourage feedback on the topics and contents from our readers.  Tell us what you would like to see.  Our goal is for you to enjoy Elements and learn more about climate change and bioenergy project development.”

About Sixth Element Sustainable Management – Sixth Element Sustainable Management provides executive services for investors and project developers in the area of clean-tech, resource energy sources (RES), bioenergy, biorefining, bioproducts and related biomass–based technologies for a better environment.  Professional expert services include:

  1. Investor Services:
    1. Due Diligence & Pre-money Valuations
    2. Risk Management:  pre-investment analysis and mitigation
    3. Techno-commercial Appraisals:  stage of development and commercialization of technologies.
    4. Biomass Option Appraisals:  cellulosic ethanol, FT, biochar, torrefaction, carbonization, pyrolysis, pellets.
  1. Project Developer Services:
    1. Financing Options & Development
    2. Institutional-grade Financials:  preparation, planning and analysis
    3. Risk Management:  analysis and mitigation
    4. Strategy Development & Business Planning:  preparation and analysis
    5. Evaluations, Audits, and Feasibility Studies