Europe – Wood-to-Biofuels II

A review of these emerging technologies identified the best-in-class candidates from the first study, and, subsequently, eight companies were selected to receive the Request for Information (RFI); also the RFI was sent to relevant LinkedIn groups and internet biofuel lists, to identify other interested parties.  Respondents were then evaluated, primarily based on the stage of development of their technology.  Each venture was analyzed and recommendations made to the client.

Sixth Element Sustainable Management maintains a comprehensive global database of over 1,000 biomass pyrolysis ventures. The Pyrolysis Venture Database is important for investors and entrepreneurs alike.  The information is a valuable resource for vetting the investment choices and assessing the competitive position of pyrolysis ventures.  Ventures often claim to have the best technology, but have no evidence to back it up.  The Pyrolysis Venture Database is a guide to where a venture stands relative to its peers and to the best-in-class technology providers.