Top Cdn BE: Bioindustry Supercluster is coming

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June 5, 2017,

Sixth Element is a boutique consulting firm, providing services on pro forma design and analysis, feasibility studies and business plans, technology/venture vetting and audits (see Projects for recent studies).  Our focus sectors are emerging biofuels and Indigenous bioeconomy ventures in the forestry sector, including lumber, logging and bioenergy.

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The Passmore Group? It’s like global advanced technology wrapped up inside a maple leaf. There’s hardly a technology wave that’s in any way sustainable or renewable that Jeff Passmore et al have not played a Canadian part in over the past 20 years. The enduring challenge? Getting across the Valley of Death and to scale. For some tine Passmore Group has been focused on companies looking to put “steel in the ground for your first commercial plant,” as as Passmore has observed, “every conversation about project development will begin and end with a discussion of capital – both debt and equity… by Jeff Passmore.

May 29, 2017 – Proponents leading the development of a bioeconomy supercluster welcome the federal government’s launch of the Innovation Superclusters Initiative. Such superclusters will help specific high potential Canadian economic strengths to advance technical platforms to enhance their world leadership position. The Canadian bioeconomy covers a wide range of Canadian traditional and non-traditional bio-sourced industrial sectors that employ more than two million Canadians and generates sales of $300 billion for our country… by FPAC

Ontario, Canada’s Environmental Commissioner Dianne Saxe has called for more investment to create biogas from human and food waste, particularly highlighting the potential for anaerobic digestion (AD) in the province’s wastewater treatment sector.“Most Ontario wastewater treatment plants do not use anaerobic digestion. Of those that do, the majority flare (and thus waste) at least some of the energy. To achieve Ontario’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, anaerobic digestion and energy recovery should become standard at wastewater treatment plants whenever practical.”… by Bioenergy Insight

Export Development Canada (EDC) today priced USD 500 million 1.625% Fixed Rate Green Bond due June 1, 2020. The lead underwriters were HSBC, J.P. Morgan and SEB. This offering is scheduled to close on June 1, 2017. This is EDC’s third Green Bond, with previous bonds of 300M in January 2014 and 300M in December 2015, each receiving strong support from the green bond investor community…  by EDC.

Toronto, May 30, 2017—Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, and Less Emissions Inc. are announcing an environmental partnership with Canada C3, an expedition that aims to engage millions of Canadians from across the country, both virtually and on board the Canada C3 ship. Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power will provide green electricity for the Canada C3 “Ship t’ Shore” events across the country as well as green fuel for the first leg of the Canada C3 Expedition. This will be the first time that Bullfrog’s green fuel has been used to reduce the impact of ship travel in Canada... by Bullfrog Power.