Top Cdn BE: Bioeconomy Alchemy

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November 5, 2018,

Sixth Element is a boutique consulting firm, providing services on pro forma design and analysis, feasibility studies and business plans, technology/venture vetting and audits (see Projects for recent studies).  Our focus sectors are emerging biofuels and Indigenous bioeconomy ventures in the forestry sector, including lumber, logging and bioenergy.

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In the 17th century, a German alchemist named Hennig Brand had a dream — of extracting gold from urine. (They were similar in colour, after all.) He didn’t succeed, but he did discover the element phosphorus… by CBC News.

What if plastic were made from waste like banana peels, coffee grounds and cardboard takeout containers instead of petroleum? And what if, after use, that plastic decomposed like the biological materials it was made from?… by Emily Chung.