The Pyrolysis 1000

Ottawa – March 7, 2016 – Sixth Element Sustainable Management, a “boutique” consulting firm specializing in commercializing innovation in the emerging biofuels sector (including torrefaction, biocoal, biochar, pyrolysis, hydrothermal and gasification), is proud to announce that Managing Director Gerald Kutney has just completed an article called “The Pyrolysis 1000.”  Sixth Element Sustainable Management maintains a comprehensive global database of biomass pyrolysis technology developers and ventures (“Pyrolysis Venture Database”).  Relevant references to the companies and their projects are imbedded in the inventory of firms.  Also included in the Pyrolysis Venture Database is an appraisal of their stage of commercial development.  To celebrate the 1000th entry, an aggregate data study is presented in this free report.

The Pyrolysis Venture Database is important for investors and entrepreneurs alike.  The information is a valuable resource for vetting the investment choices and assessing the competitive position of pyrolysis ventures.  Ventures often claim to have the best technology, but have no evidence to back it up.  The Pyrolysis Venture Database is a guide to where a venture stands relative to its peers and to the best-in-class technology providers.

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