Technology Mountain of Success

“Elements” – A counterpart to the Technology Valley of Death is the Technology Mountain of Success. Like expeditions up Mount Everest which are led by experienced Sherpas, scaling the daunting technology mountain also requires special skills. Executive management experience in start-ups is a critical component in the success of your venture and will often be demanded by investors.
While there may be many paths up this mountain, there will be one that has the lowest risk. You must focus on this path and not wander too far off it. Due to limited resources, setting out on more than one path at the same time will never lead you to the peak.
As the journey drags on and supplies and financial resources run low, there is the temptation to take short cuts. But there is no by-passing a scale-up stage by jumping to full-scale production on the technology mountain. So make sure you have enough resources to complete the entire journey, allowing for the inevitable delays and unforeseen events that take place.
And watch that you do not get too close to the edge. Manage your risks, or they will manage you. If conditions force you to backtrack, make sure you do so before you reach the point of no return.
A Sherpa can never guarantee to take you to the top of the mountain, but this seasoned guide will help you along the path which has the greatest chance of success. Before you begin your ascent on the technology mountain, ensure that you have the start-up management expertise to guide your technology or venture to commercial success.