Sixth Element Value Proposition Up-date

OTTAWA – January 29, 2014 – Sixth Element Sustainable Management, a “boutique” consulting firm specializing in commercializing innovation, today announced a new value proposition to expand the affordability of its executive services.

“The firm has introduced a flexible rate system to align with the variable business demands and financial resources of start-ups and early-stage ventures,” said Gerald Kutney, Managing Director of Sixth Element Sustainable Management. “These changes especially allow for executive skills and experience to now be available for groups that could not afford such services in the past even though they were needed to take the commercialization of the innovation to the next level.”

For more information on the flexible value packages, please contact Gerald Kutney.

About Sixth Element Sustainable Management – Sixth Element Sustainable Management provides executive management services for investors, inventors, and entrepreneurs in start-ups and early-stage ventures. Our ultimate goal is to maximize the odds of success and decrease the risks. To achieve this, we provide answers to the following critical-path questions:

Start-ups/Early-Stage Ventures – Do you need:

• Seasoned C-Level management advice, guidance and/or leadership?
• Financing options & planning?
• Risk management: analysis and mitigation?
• Strategy development & business planning: preparation and analysis?
• Negotiation and contract skills & expertise?
• The best business model for your technology?
• The best project option to achieve financial success?

Before You Invest, Find the Answers to:

• What are the project risks?
• What is the timeline to full-scale commercialization?
• Is this the best choice for the first project?

Please visit our website or contact us at to discuss our options and services.