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November 20, 2017,

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ATIKOKAN, Ont. — The U.S. company that owns a pellet plant in Atikokan is trying to sell the business. has been told that three prospective buyers are currently looking at the operation. But plant manager Brad Sampson says there are no plans to shut down the plant, which continues to produce wood pellets for the Ontario Power Generation station near Atikokan… by Gary Rinne.

VIDEO – Rich Troyer, CEO of Comet Biorefining, talks about the company’s plans for its new plant in Sarnia Ontario and working with farm producers with incentives to harvest corn stover feedstock for the plant. He speaks at a harvesting demonstration in November 2017… by RIch Troyer.

OTTAWA — The federal government is looking to increase the amount of ethanol that can be blended into Canadian gasoline by 50 per cent, part of a larger effort to increase the use of low-carbon fuels across the country. Under current regulations, gasoline in Canada can contain up to 10 per cent ethanol, but a proposed amendment could raise the maximum to 15 per cent in early 2018. A technical committee is making the final decision about the change, according to a spokesperson with Public Services and Procurement Canada… by Maura Forrest.

Exports of wood pellets are increasing, and in 2016 increased by 46% over 2015. Wood pellets are a type of biomass fuel often produced from forestry waste such as wood shavings, bark, and sawdust. In addition to creating value from a waste product, wood pellets can be renewable are easy to transport, and are more efficient to combust than wood... by National Energy Board.

The province has developed a proposed Food and Organic Waste Framework (“Framework”). Together with the Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building a Circular Economy and Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan, the proposed Framework will help Ontario build a circular economy and fight climate change… by Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

A Quebec biofuels company has signed its first deal to power an airline’s jets with energy grown from Canadian oilseeds.Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. of Gatineau will supply biofuel to Australia’s Qantas Airways made from Carinata seed, a non-food, industrial type of mustard seed that produces oil suitable  for aviation and diesel fuel… by the Canadian Press.


Government of Canada, through the Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative, has invested $3.5 million in Enerkem Alberta Biofuels, a partnership controlled by Montreal based Enerkem Inc., Waste Management of Canada Corporation, and Rho Canada Ventures. The funding will help build the final phase of a facility that converts non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal solid waste into liquid biofuels and chemicals. The Enerkem Alberta Biofuels facility is the first of its kind to convert non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal solid waste into liquid biofuels and chemicals… pcJ News Briefs