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Feedback from our clients:

Gerald has been instrumental in helping us navigate the rocky waters of the early phase of our startup business. His long and varied executive experience has given him an in depth understanding of sound business practice, practical priority sequencing, and human nature. His calm and solid advise helped us understand what is worth worrying about, and what is an inconvenient distraction. With his help we were able to break down the innumerable activities required to get a business up and running into priority tasks, keeping us focused towards the end goal. His pleasant manner and effective teaching abilities have made him very valuable in building the business skills of our founders.

Carol Stockwell – President, SiOCan

Gerald is very intelligent and quick to grasp technical issues. His strengths include evaluating advantages and disadvantages of technologies and in particular communicating complex information in an easy to understand manner. He is able to analyze general business, financial and statistical information and organize it in a meaningful way… Gerald is professional, well spoken and skilled at handling high level interactions, in particular this was noted in presentations to banks.

Leonard Legault – President, Alterna Biocarbon

Gerald has done a technology study on drop-in biofuels from wood biomass for me. This included a thoroughly explanation and comparison of catalytic pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction and gasification with syngas upgrading process, as well as the ventures which are involved. A second study has also been done which led to the best-in-class technology provider where I was also very satisfied. I can recommend him further as a competent and knowledgeable person, with good connections, who wants you to succeed.

Moritz Fecker - Entrepreneur

I had the chance to work with Gerald Kutney on a project with a very tight deadline. He came through on time on budget and on spec as he had claimed. His knowledge of the lumber industry was instrumental to producing our pro forma and feasibility review. Stellar work. I would not hesitate to recommend Gerald for similar projects.

Pat Dubreuil - Let′s Roll Ideation Consulting

Gerald Kutney has prepared feasibility studies and business plans on the forest bioeconomy for Matawa First Nations Management. His studies are pragmatic, rigorous and concise, with an essential feature being the design and analysis of the pro forma for these projects. He has also provided guidance on business negotiations. His work is an important aspect of our economic development program on traditional forests, and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.


Jason Rasevych - Business Advisor