Top Cdn BE: USDA Reviews Canadian Biofuels

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April 16, 2018,

Sixth Element is a boutique consulting firm, providing services on pro forma design and analysis, feasibility studies and business plans, technology/venture vetting and audits (see Projects for recent studies).  Our focus sectors are emerging biofuels and Indigenous bioeconomy ventures in the forestry sector, including lumber, logging and bioenergy.

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Higher rates of discretionary blending supported higher Canadian imports of U.S. fuel ethanol in 2016 and 2017. Federal and provincial-level renewable fuels programs have continued to support biofuels consumption across Canada. Canadian federal government plans to introduce carbon intensity benchmarks and require all provinces and territories to have a carbon pricing plan would expand consumption of renewable energy and biofuels… by USDA.

Is your grandmother the type to save every last bit of something – whether it’s paper, or fabric – just in case she can use it for something someday? It’s no wonder why saving things like this has become a stereotypical behaviour of older generations, often a by-product of the mentality that our resources are scarce. In order to reduce waste and pollution in a world with limited resources, we may need to readopt this mentality, and aim to reuse and repurpose our raw materials as many times as possible before we dispose of them… by Paulina Hrebacka.

Ensyn uses its patented and proprietary RTP fast thermal technology to convert wood residues and other non-food, cellulosic biomass to liquid biofuels. Ensyn has had continuous commercial operations for more than 25 years.  Its technology has produced over 37 million gallons of renewable fuels and chemicals in over 160,000 hours of successful plant operation… by Jim Lane and Robert Graham.