U.S. – Biomass Pellets

This SME is a start-up venture that upcycles waste agricultural products through a patented process into a solid biofuel for household and commercial heating.  The company was in a negative-cash position and was planning to expand into the S.E.U.S.  Sixth Element Sustainable Management provided the design and coaching for management to prepare the business plan for their bioeconomy project.

A business plan should be short and concise, and, as a result, a minimalist  style is utilized by SIXTH ELEMENT in the development of the business plan.  In other words, only highlights and critical issues are provided in the final document.  Most business plans are too detailed and lengthy, which results in the average reader missing key messages and critical data.  Also, different external groups require details in their own particular area of interest; a business plan in a minimalist style is suitable for any external group, which then can be augmented by such specific requirements as needed.  The information provided in the business plan, though, must be supported by (detailed) auxiliary documents, which are available upon request to anyone who is sent the business plan.