Bioenergy Capital of Canada

“Elements” – Bioenergy Capital of Canada – The traditional bioenergy capital of Canada is Prince George, BC, with the 135 MW of electrical capacity at Canfor, the wood pellet facility of Pacific Bioenergy and nearby facilities of Pinnacle Renewable Energy and Premium Pellet, and the district heating systems of the city of Prince George and the University of Northern British Columbia (Leed Platinum), among others.
In the emerging bioenergy technology sector, Vancouver vies for the title with Nexterra, Dynamotive, Lignol and Diacarbon, among others. Another strong contender is Ottawa with its own bioenergy/biofuels pioneering ventures:
Plasco Energy – pioneer in MSW-to-energy; 85 tepd facility at Trail Road; 5MW capacity
Ensyn – pioneer in fast pyrolysis; 75 tepd facility in Renfrew
Iogen – pioneer in cellulosic ethanol; 5000L/day demonstration facility; in 2013 sold its enzyme business to Novozymes for $68M
Hydro Ottawa – 10MW landfill-gas-to-energy; facilities at Moose Creek and Trail Road
Ottawa is also home to the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association and CanBio.
Prince George and Vancouver can both make convincing cases for the number one spot. However, Ottawa has a special justification to claim the title of “Bioenergy Capital” of Canada: Sixth Element Sustainable Management is found here .