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March 6, 2017,

  1. Canadian biofuels innovation leader Brian Foody, CEO of Iogen, wins Holmberg Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Bioeconomy.
  2. Ensyn #26, Enerkem #13 and Bioamber #6 in 50 Hottest Companies in the Bioeconomy.
  3. Securities class-action lawsuit filed against Rentech.
  4. Overview of Quebec-based Agrisoma.
  5. Diacarbon looking to restart operations by Cole Wagner.
  6. Update on Licella hydrothermal project with Canfor by Elaine Macdonald-Meisner.
  7. Comet Biorefining raises equity.
  8. Proposed Ontario biochar facility being challenged by local residents by Angelica Ingram.
  9. Canadian researchers report on biochar production technology.
  10. Winners of carbon-use challenge in Alberta.


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