Best Bioenergy Stories of the Week

May 23, 2016,

  1. Top ten trends in the European Advanced Bioeconomy by Jim Lane.
  2. President of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada resigns.
  3. Overview of the biofuels industry of Sweden by IEA Bioenergy Task 39.
  4. FPInnovations forms partnership with Bioénergie La Tuque to build biorefinery demonstration plant.
  5. The KiOR story by Jim Lane.
  6. The KiOR Story II by Jim Lane.
  7. Canada’s clean tech industry employs more people than forestry by Sarah Niedobah.

Sixth Element Sustainable Management is a “boutique” consulting firm specializing in commercializing innovation, and evaluating the business preparedness and commercial potential of technology developers and their projects, especially in the emerging biofuels sector. We provide executive management services for inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and public sector agencies in new technology, start-ups and early-stage ventures. Services are directly provided by the Managing Director of Sixth Element Sustainable Management, Gerald Kutney, Ph.D. in chemistry.

Sixth Element Sustainable Management maintains a comprehensive global database of over 1,000 biomass pyrolysis ventures. The Pyrolysis Venture Database is important for investors and entrepreneurs alike.  The information is a valuable resource for vetting the investment choices and assessing the competitive position of pyrolysis ventures.  Ventures often claim to have the best technology, but have no evidence to back it up.  The Pyrolysis Venture Database is a guide to where a venture stands relative to its peers and to the best-in-class technology providers.

Dr. Kutney has participated in all aspects of innovation and technology commercialization, from the research laboratory to patents to marketing to the executive suite. With two decades of executive experience in technology commercialization with global corporations and entrepreneurial enterprises, he brings the innovation of research and technology development, the financial discipline of big business, and the spirit of entrepreneurship to start-ups and early-stage companies.

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