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December 25, 2017,

Sixth Element is a boutique consulting firm, providing services on pro forma design and analysis, feasibility studies and business plans, technology/venture vetting and audits (see Projects for recent studies).  Our focus sectors are emerging biofuels and Indigenous bioeconomy ventures in the forestry sector, including lumber, logging and bioenergy.

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ICYMI – a Canadian venture has just moved up into the #1 spot of the “Top 50 Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy,” according to the annual survey by Biofuels Digest – Advent Bioenergy (, founded by the reclusive entrepreneur, S. Claus. Lee Enterprises Consulting is proud to have been working with Advent Bioenergy for several years, providing executive management mentoring and coaching, leading the preparation of their business and financial plans, and providing an audit of their commercial status… by Gerald Kutney.

Dec. 22, 2017 – Looking back at 2017 – Canada’s 150th birthday – there were many notable success stories for Canadian biomass companies, and over the year we were able to visit a handful of projects and share those stories with our readers… by Canadian Biomass.

It’s not typically a subject for the dinner table but David Gallagher is talking poop amid the hubbub of his Halifax cafe and wine bar. The co-founder of Lion and Bright on Agricola Street leads a double life as a humanitarian worker and volunteer that has taken him around the world. As he describes his latest gig as executive director of the Halifax-based NGO Aerosan Toilets, it’s hard to avoid using a lot of four-letter words... by John McPhee.

Canada’s first closed-loop and fully integrated organics waste management system has started accepting its first waste, which will be converted into renewable biomethane gas… by Bioenergy Insight.

Research has found that adding biochar to prairie soil has little to no effect on soil conditions, plant nutrition or crop growth, says a University of Saskatchewan soil scientist. However, farmers may realize other benefits from the product. Dr. Jeff Schoenau told the recent Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan annual meeting that biochar has long been recognized as an amendment to highly weathered soil, especially in the tropics, because of its ability to prevent nutrient loss… by Karen Briere.

Dec. 19, 2017 – Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre and BC Bioenergy Network (BCBN) today announced an ARCTIC Innovation Challenge to find technologies that will convert the by-products associated with producing renewable natural gas (RNG) into commercially viable products, such as organic fertilizer... by Foresight and BC Bioenergy Network.

In 2016, Canada’s electricity generation was 66.0% renewable and was 80.6% non-emitting in operation. Since 2005, generation has trended away from coal and towards increased generation from natural gas and wind... by National Energy Board

Dec. 21, 2017 – Rentech’s Atikokan, Ont., wood pellet facility has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Ontario’s True North Timber, according to the company’s latest news release… by Maria Church.

An early stage renewable energy company focused on commercializing patent-pending technologies to convert low-value forestry residuals to high value liquid hydrocarbons that are compatible with the existing petroleum infrastructure. EnerSysNet Canada CEO Gary Scoggins gave this illuminating overview of the company’s promise and progress at ABLC Next in San Francisco… by Gary Scoggins.