What is Sixth Element (6esm)?

Sixth Element is a “boutique” consulting firm specializing in concept planning, start-ups, and early-stage companies in the bioeconomy. We provide C-level services for inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and public sector agencies, which are directly provided by the Managing Director of Sixth Element, Gerald Kutney. Sixth Element works with its clients to prepare for the investment community and helps create small businesses.

Our economic-development services include:  pro forma design and analysis, feasibility studies and business plans, technology/venture vetting and audits (see Bio-e-Projects for recent studies).  Our focus sectors are bioeconomy ventures in the forestry sector, including lumber, logging, bioenergy, biofuels and biochar.

Our website address – 6esm.com – originates from our name Sixth Element Sustainable Management. The Sixth Element, itself, is carbon, the sixth element of the periodic table of the elements. The green C in our logo represents renewable carbon replacing black C, fossil fuel carbon.

Who is Gerald Kutney?

Dr. Kutney has a Ph.D. in chemistry and over two decades of executive experience in the corporate sector and entrepreneurial enterprises in the bioeconomy and renewable energy sector. Currently, he has his own consulting firm, Sixth Element, which specializes in helping entrepreneurs make their bioeconomy projects a success, and volunteers as a mentor for MBA students at the University of Ottawa.

For the past decade, he has studied climate change policy development and is a pundit on the politics of climate change. Gerald was an adjunct professor at the University of Northern British Columbia, where he taught the graduate course Climate Change & Global Warming. Now living in Ottawa, he has presented several guest lectures at Carleton University on climate change.

Gerald has published a peer-reviewed book, entitled Carbon Politics and the Failure of the Kyoto Protocol, which charts the framework and political evolution of the Kyoto negotiations in search for an answer to the failure of the international community to act on climate change. The focus is not on the science or consequences of climate change but on the political gamesmanship which has been pervasive throughout the Kyoto negotiations by the major players.