Climate Change & the Bioeconomy

Sixth Element: Climate Change & the Bioeconomy

Under Sixth Element (6esm), his consulting firm, Dr. Kutney is an executive business advisor on bioeconomy projects, He is also is a pundit and peer-reviewed author on the politics of climate change. The bioeconomy, including energy from biomass and carbon sequestration, plays an important role in climate change mitigation.

What Do Scientific Organizations Say About Climate Change


The heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other gases was demonstrated in the mid-19th century… There is no question that increased levels of greenhouse gases must cause the Earth to warm in response.”

World Health Organization

“Climate change affects social and environmental determinants of health – clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food and secure shelter.”

National Research Council

“The overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels are responsible for most of the climate change currently being observed.”

U.S. Energy Information Administration

“Scientists know with virtual certainty that increasing greenhouse gas concentrations tend to warm the planet.”

Government of Canada

“Climate change is one of the most important environmental issues of our time. Climate change is caused by the increase in concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These increases are primarily due to human activities such as the use of fossil fuels.”


“The rise in CO2 is unambiguously caused by human activity, principally fossil-fuel burning. This is clear from the numbers: We know how much fossil fuel is converted into CO2 each year and emitted into the atmosphere”


“Climate change is one of the most pervasive and threatening issues of our time, with far-reaching impacts in the twenty-first century.”

National Academy of Sciences & The Royal Society

“CLIMATE CHANGE IS ONE OF THE DEFINING ISSUES OF OUR TIME. It is now more certain than ever, based on many lines of evidence, that humans are changing Earth’s climate”

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

“Humanity now faces two simultaneous existential threats,.. these major threats—nuclear weapons and climate change”


“Human influence on the climate system is clear, and recent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are the highest in history. Recent climate changes have had widespread impacts on human and natural systems.”

The foundations of climate change were established over half a century ago.
Since then, the evidence has only gotten stronger.
The science on climate change is as settled as science can be.

Climate Change Author

Carbon Politics and the Failure of the Kyoto Protocol

Gerald has published a peer-reviewed book which charts the framework and political evolution of the Kyoto negotiations. The focus is not on the science of climate change but on the political gamesmanship which has been pervasive throughout the Kyoto negotiations.

The Political History of Climate Change

Gerald is currently working on another work which traces the history of carbon politics and fossil fuels, which ends with a discussion on the denial machine and its allies in the political world (i.e., the “denial cabal”).


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